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We'll also explain: 

  • The five reasons a person complains
  • Specific scripts to use when handling the most difficult of callers

"Project a positive "phone identity"

We all know people do business with people they like.  Which is why everyone who speaks to your customers on the phone needs the training in this workshop.  Attendees will be well equipped to consistently project your organization's image of caring and efficient service.  

We'll cover how to:

  • Listen & empathize with callers
  • Find positive resolutions
  • Reclaim customers that have been previously mishandled
  • Work positively with the hard to understand caller
  • We'll also explain: 
  • The five reasons a person complains
  • Specific scripts to use when handling the most difficult of callers

Calm angry & upset customers

Certainly the hardest, most challenging part of the job.  We'll teach them methods proven to satisfy highly-demanding and upset customers.  They'll use and appreciate these new skills possibly the most of all taught at this workshop.  

Use professional etiquette

We'll show how saying "Let me put you on hold"... "I'll call you back"... or even "I'am sorry" can work against you.  Our workshop teaches the very latest principles of phone etiquette, which contributes to superior customer service...and results in more sales.

  • We'll explain:
  • The best way to ask for a customer's name
  • The best way to screen callers
  • The 4 rules to leaving messages
  • Putting your customers on hold- what to say, not to say, how to check back, plus alternatives to holding 
  • Transferring calls- when to transfer, when not to, including how to be a "verbal escort".

We'll cover:

  • Three methods to save time on most calls- 
  • Taking charge of call by using "active greetings"
  • A fast way to zero in on what someone wants 
  • Getting talkative people to "get to the point" without offending them
  • Three tactful ways to bring a conversation to a close
  • Ways to minimize "phone tag"
  • Ways to utilize voice mail and faxes to eliminate uneccessary calls


Handle High Call Volume.  Do you sense your staff feeling overwhelmed at times?  We can help them understand that latest techniques for controlling calls, including managing multiple customers on hold...ways to control and direct calls with finesse and numerous ways to save time, while maintaining excellent service.

Who should attend the workshop?

What we cover is critical to the success of: 

  • Receptionists
  • Sales Professionals
  • Secretaries
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Office Managers
  • Staff of Small or Home Based Businesses
  • This workshop is a valuable half- day investment for ANYONE who spends a considerable amount of time on the phone.

The voice of the people handling your telephones speak for your company all day long.  To your clients, your customers, your suppliers...everyone. 

There is a huge reason why they should be among the best trained people in your organization.  And that is the reason ASE Corporation offers this training in a convenient and affordable workshop- providing those who speak for your company on the phone the skills they need.  

The Great Telephone Skills Seminar

Telephone Skills for the Professional

Make every call more positive and productive!
What voice will speak for you business? 


“The Great Telephone Skills Workshop”

​An incredibly innovative and cost effective solution for providing your team with the tools
and motivation to project a positive image for your organization

Two Half Day Options: 

Morning Seminar: Starts at 8:30 AM Sharp till 12:00 PM
Afternoon Seminar: Starts at 1:30 PM Sharp till 5:00 PM

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​Make every call more positive and productive